Where Can You Photograph 312,000 Burgers?

The Counter restaurant just opened last week at 695 6th Avenue in downtown San Diego. The Counter is all about choice.  They specialize in allowing you to build your own gourmet burger from an extensive list of fresh ingredients. The owners, Tom and Charlet, assured me that there are now over 312,120 options.  (Just imagine a job description like “This position is responsible for documenting unique combinations of custom built burgers.”)

The staff is very friendly and welcoming. This is a fun place where the servers have T-shirts that echo The Counter’s philosophies: “Humanely Raised + Handled”, “Custom Built”, “Joint the Counter Culture”, and the famous “Choice” definition.

The first step is to choose your type of burger. The Counter serves fresh 100% natural Angus beef which is hormone and antibiotic free. They also offer chicken breast, turkey, and my favorite, a vegan veggie. All burger weights are measured AFTER cooking, so even the 1/3 pound one is huge. Then you select cheese, sauce, bun (including gluten-free), and interesting toppings like carrot strings, grilled pineapple, marinated artichokes and roasted corn salsa.


Don’t photos of delicious food just make your mouth water?


We highly recommend the sweet potato fries.  They are crispy and simply irresistible.

A new item on the menu is an Adult Shake which includes your choice of alcohol from the well stocked bar.


General Manager Christopher Penta keeps the customers happy and coming back.  We are very proud of our son.

Sit at the bar or sit in a booth, but be sure to check out The Counter the next time you visit downtown San Diego.



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