Some headshots are stunning … and this is one

Back in the 80’s, having a personal Color Analysis was a trendy thing to do. A book called “Color Me Beautiful” described the process of determining your best personal colors based on your skin, hair and eye colors. There were four different color palettes called Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Lots of women hosted Color Parties, but many people didn’t take the recommendations too seriously.

As a portrait photographer, I can assure you that there is a world of difference when you wear clothing in “your colors”. The wrong colors are so distracting that people notice your clothing first. Their attention is drawn AWAY from your eyes and face.

But what happens when people choose the right colors? I’m glad you asked. This next photograph demonstrates the magic of wearing clothing in the right colors. Notice how Jan’s skin glows? Her eyes sparkle.  She looks energetic and younger. You are drawn immediately to her beautiful eyes. You don’t even notice her clothing because it just supports the total look.

Don’t we all want to look our best? In case  you were curious … Jan is a Spring.

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