Roxborough – Katia LeonyLeon Creates Local Business Directory

Roxborough is a special community that supports each other in many ways. Katia LeonyLeon, a local Realtor with the Swan Realtor Group, has taken the initiative to create a directory of our local businesses. When this directory is published, you may be surprised to discover that a neighbor provides just the services that you need … and you don’t have to drive all the way across town.

I was impressed with Katia’s sense of community and desire to help her neighbors in Roxborough. I learned that she works as a “buyer’s agent”. A buyer’s agent represents the buyer (not the seller) in a real estate transaction. Their job is to (a) find the best property for your needs under your constraints and (b) get you the best possible bargain on it while making certain that the seller and their agent aren’t hiding anything. In most instances, there is no additional cost to the buyer — What a perfect job for such a caring person! Just loved the way her eyes sparkled in this image.

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