Want to know more about how it all works?  Great!  You are in the right place.  This page will tell you everything you need to know.  Still have questions?  Ready to book?  Call Patty at 303.979.2269 or email her from the Contact page.

Do you offer just a thumb drive of digital images?

roundtuit2Not exactly -- we offer a better solution.  I believe that the current "shoot and burn" approach to photography provides an incomplete service for our clients.  It is almost like saying "I had a great time photographing you.  Now, good luck trying to figure out what to do with these images."  Too often, the thumb drive ends up in a drawer for when you get "around to it" -- and when will that be?

Instead, we post complimentary web-size images to Facebook so you can share them with friends and family.  Most clients have found that adding a digital file for holiday cards gives them just the right balance of flexibility and convenience.

Another option is our "Digital Collection" which includes up to 30 retouched, full resolution files and a complimentary, professionally printed photograph of each image.  You can enjoy the gift size portraits immediately.  Then, when it is convenient, you can have additional copies made by your own lab.  The best part is that you will have a professionally printed sample of each image with correct skin tone colors for them to match.

What should we wear?

See our Clothing and Styling Tips page.  Learn three simple steps that will give your portraits a polished look.


What if it rains?

As you know, Colorado weather changes quickly.  Most of the time a front passes through quickly and you will have the added advantage of beautiful storm clouds in your photographs.  We'll coordinate on the day of the session if there is any question about the weather.  You will be relieved to know that we rarely have to reschedule outdoor portrait sessions.

You photograph outdoors in winter.  What if it snows or is too cold that day?

I do not photograph while it is actually snowing, but many clients are active outdoor Coloradans and love the look of fresh snow in their photographs.  Be sure to wear boots, a warm jacket, and gloves.  If anyone in your family has physical limitations, I can have the studio available as a backup. Just let me know in advance that you would like this option.

Do you photograph pets?

I am happy to photograph pets with people at outdoor locations or at your home.


What if I have NO idea what to order?

Never fear!  I will ask questions about your goals, educate you about options, and give suggestions. You will be able to see portraits at their ACTUAL SIZE at your View and Order Appointment.  We can even take a photo of your wall and give you a virtual design before ordering -- Just ask!   Browse the Portrait Products page for suggestions on choosing the best products for you.

What if we decide to order more later?

Our archival policy is to keep all ordered images at least one year.  Unordered images are available for 30 days after your View and Order Appointment.