Penta Photography Helps Painters

What does a painter do when they want to make quality reproductions of their original, one-of-a-kind work of art?  They call Penta Photography.  We photograph your art piece while you wait.  Then we’ll provide a full resolution file suitable for large wall art reproductions or smaller prints.

We are skilled at correctly reproducing the exact color and texture of a painting in a photograph.  We understand the lighting techniques that are specific to lighting artwork. We perfectly align and center your artwork for accurate reproduction without distortion. We help you share your painting with a wide audience and gain more exposure as an artist.

Recently, we had the privilege of photographing the work of a young artist, Isabella, who won a special award for her outstanding composition.  Here is how Joan Moxon, her Art Teacher at Front Range Christian School, described Izzy’s passion for painting:

“Izzy has a true color sense and a joy in creating.  One day, as she mixed color after color to get just what she wanted, she exclaimed that she was having the most fun ever!  Surely this is the heart of an artist.  A photo of Izzy’s Owl Painting will be framed and displayed at Front Range Christian School to honor her with our Picture Purchase Award for 2011.  This is an award our school gives to students with outstanding art work for the year.”

Owl Painting Composition by Izzy. Tempera and Sparkle Paint. Front Range Christian School 2010-2011.


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