Magnolia Hotel: Facilitators Studio Workshop

The April 2013 Facilitators Studio Workshop was held at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Denver. This 3-day intensive Facilitator Certification Workshop blends the principles of organizational development and the performance of theatre. Barry Shapiro’s unique approach is based on his book entitled “Casting Call in the Theatre of Corporate America… the Role of the Extraordinary Facilitator” (available from Amazon).

It is always enjoyable to photograph these participants because they are so animated and excited about their newly acquired skills — seems like they just can’t wait to go back to their own businesses and use what they have learned.


April 2013 Facilitators Studio Workshop participants

Thank you so very much for lending your sensitive eyes, heart and mind to our work together. Your skill continues to become more exceptional in more dynamic and beautiful ways! Thank you for — again — capturing a moment in time with precision, art, humor and the highest level of professionalism.
— Barry Shapiro, Denver, CO

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