Deb and Kevin – Roxborough Park Wedding by Penta Photography

Deb and Kevin wanted a special date for their wedding (one which they would NEVER forget). They chose November 11, 2011 … at 11:11am! The wedding was held at the new Community Center in Roxborough Park. Afterward, the guests shared a delicious lunch at nearby Arrowhead Golf Club.

The evening potluck reception was filled with energetic dancing by Deb’s line dance students. It was so much fun that the classes decided to hold similar “dance fests” every quarter in the new year.

Here’s an image with the clock proving that Deb and Kevin were married at exactly 11:11am on 11/11/2011.

Wonder why the formal portraits for this wedding look so good? All the guests wore coordinating outfits: the ladies wore red dresses and the men wore black suits with red ties.

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