Columbine Library: Front Range Christian School Art Display

In April, the children’s section of Columbine Library in Littleton, Colorado was decorated with colorful art from Front Range Christian School. We were amazed at the creativity that Joan Moxon, their art teacher, inspired in her students. Joan simply says, “Children’s art is delightful. I am teaching because I am called to teach.”

Each year Joan works hard to come up with projects that will be both fun and challenging to the students. This year’s theme was “He’s got the Whole World in His Hands”. The kids made a large variety of pieces to show how people, birds, trees,  stars, and even bugs were all “in His Hands”. Everyone enjoyed the bright colors and the unique work.

One of the skills of being a photographer is to make a bird stand out when it is sitting in a bush.  We “extract” the bird from the bush and to highlight its beauty.  This is a much different skill than taking a blank canvas and adding all the details of a scene. So I really enjoy the artistic freedom the students show when they are provided good art training and encouraged to express themselves.

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