CCAF 2011 Favorite Photos: 3 of 10


Denim Girl (AKA Alice) in Wonderland

This is another of my favorite images from the 2011 Cherry Creek Arts Festival (CCAF). The overexposed lighting, interesting artwork, and isolated subject create a surreal environment for this photograph. The complimentary colors of the wall art and the girl’s dress bring unity to the image. The denim jacket contrasts everything else, but adds a sense of normalcy to the unusual scene.

Maybe I’ve read too many science fiction stories lately, but I let my imagination run wild. In my mind, I picture “Denim Girl” being beamed up by an alien spaceship and transported into the sterile white room. Her curiosity is aroused, but she is not afraid as she examines the wonders of this strange place.  “What is the purpose of this futuristic room?” she wonders. Is this how Alice felt when she entered Wonderland?

You may see only a girl in a booth at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, but isn’t my version of the story more fun?

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