CCAF 2011 Favorite Photos: 1 of 10

I love the stories behind the photographs. They make the images so much more interesting, don’t you agree?  I will be posting my top 10 favorite images from the 2011 Cherry Creek Arts Festival in the next 10 days. As I share my insights, you will get to know both me and my subjects. I look forward letting you see the world through my eyes and with my heart.

Eighty and Still Going Strong

Howard (“Howie”) has been a devoted Cherry Creek Arts Festival volunteer ever since the festival began 21 years ago. He is proud to have worked EVERY SINGLE DAY the Festival has been open to the public, as well as the set-up days. For the past several years, he has become the “Official Art Auction Greeter”.

When I stopped by on Saturday, I found Howie seated in his iconic Director’s Chair at the front door. He said he had recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Then, with a twinkle in his eye and that wonderful crooked grin, Howie gave me a bit of advice. “Statistics indicate that anyone who lives for 80 years will probably live to be 90”, he warned. “They’ll just have to put up with me at the Festival for the next 10 years.”

Way to go Howie — We’ll be happy to keep that job open for you!

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