I'm Patty Penta, a visual storyteller, who helps families feel closer and more connected.  I show people the beauty I see in them, their relationships, and the ways they interact in the world.  My portraits are simple and emotionally rich.  They are timeless, not trendy.  They are meant to be displayed in your home, not hidden in an album.  You might be thinking, "Most of my friends just get digital files.  What is the value of prints?"  Amy Buxton explains it better than anyone else I know. She says, "Every time you pass family photographs on the wall, you'll naturally feel uplifted and buoyant with love, which will spill out into the room and affect everyone and everything in it.  What a joyful way to live!"

Well, you've got a camera on your phone and you take lots of pictures.  Why do you need a professional photographer?  Because there are special moments that you cannot record for yourself.  Imagine looking through the eyes of a mother at her young son. Her child is beautiful and she cares so deeply about him that it almost hurts. But she is unable to actually witness how that love is reflected by the two of them, together. I capture that magic for you. My images allow families to see what their love looks like. Not only do these portraits keep memories alive, they also invite you to pause and enjoy the present with those you love most.  In this busy world, they are a constant reminder to keep FAMILY FIRST.


"The power of what we offer as portrait photographers goes beyond words.  Our tangible photographs can impact a child’s self-esteem, a couple’s relationship, and a family’s sense of belonging.  They can help heal a broken heart after great loss.  They silently speak a universal language of love, connection, and relationships to all who view them." -- Julia Woods

My Story

I have a confession to make.  When our children were young,  I got caught up in the busyness of life. It was hectic trying to prove my worth in a new career, manage an over-committed schedule, check things off an endless to-do list, drive the kids to all their activities and pretend that I had it all together.  My children deserved more from me.  But sadly, nothing could to jolt me off that hamster wheel of meaningless “super mom” activities. Rather than enjoying the present with those I loved, I deluded myself into believing that “we’ll catch up later”.  Harry Chapin wrote a song called "The Cat's in the Cradle" that perfectly describes this "someday syndrome".  Here are the lyrics.

I began photographing closeups of flowers in an attempt to "slow down and smell the roses". Then one day I read an article called “Rooms that Click With Kids – the Hidden Value of Portraits”.  It showed a home with large portraits on the wall.  You could see the happy expressions of the children from across the room. Family MATTERED in that house.  Those kids BELONGED.  You couldn't just forget about people when the photographs were that size.  The article went on to explain how wall portraits could raise children's self-esteem, help them feel safe, and show them how much they were loved. I was immediately hooked on the idea.

The images seemed out-dated, but I loved the professional craftsmanship of the photographs in the article (the way their eyes sparkled, the flattering angles of their bodies, the way the simple background kept the focus on their faces).  I began researching everything I could find to learn how to blend the best of elements of classic portraiture with the more contemporary look of candid photography.

Today I have a home filled with uplifting wall art.  These upbeat images perk up my days.   The kids have grown up and don't live with us now.  But their portraits are prominently displayed in our dining room and sometimes it almost seems like we still have family dinners together.

These photographs are a constant reminder to be grateful for the people in our lives. That is why it is so rewarding to help clients decorate their own homes with beautiful portraits. Digital files are important in our technical world (and we include them in our top collections). But Facebook "likes" last about 24 hours, it is time-consuming to search for files on your hard drive, and tiny phone images don't have the mood changing power of wall portraits. I can just walk into a room, glance at the portrait displays, and feel better.  Instant gratification.

Want to work together?  Call me at 303-979-2269 and let's talk about your photography.

 Every time I see this portrait of my husband, Jim, in my own living room, I think about how happy I am to STILL be enjoying time with my best friend.  And behind the scenes, Jim is baking fresh goodies for your order appointments, checking lab orders with his "eagle eye", framing wall portraits with attention to detail, and keeping all the business records organized.  Penta Photography couldn't exist without his generous help!

Fun Facts & Silliness

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • Am wired with an odd combination of both left brain logic (software engineer) and right brain creativity (bachelor's degree in music).  I need both "sides" of me to feel balanced.
  • Am married to my best friend, Jim. We are world travelers, love live theater, and make a conscious choice to look at the bright side (we even put "Life is Good" stickers on our cars).
  • Am a bit overly emotional and often tear up during sentimental movies. One time I got so caught up in the story at the theater, that I let out a LOUD sob at the sad part. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my husband slither under his seat in embarrassment. (It was pretty funny.)
  • Am sometimes called “Perky Patty Penta” (P3 for short).  It is hard to control my enthusiasm, so I just let ‘er rip.
  • Am a hugger.  Be forewarned.  My kids used to “prep” their friends so they weren’t surprised when I grabbed them as they walked in the front door.  It is an Italian tradition to welcome you.
  • Choose comfort over fashion (Is there such a thing as a "Pants Princess"?) and have been known to buy the same style of shoes in different colors.
  • Wear my “good” jewelry every day.  Why keep these pieces locked away in a box for special occasions?
  • Am a savvy shopper who researches products and devours Amazon reviews before purchasing.
  • Enjoy foot massages so much I have to remember not to drool.


What does all this have to do with photography?  Well, nothing ... and EVERYTHING.  We all have personality quirks that either draw us toward or push us away from people.  My goal is to help you get to know and trust me so you can relax, have fun, and feel comfortable during your session.  I have spent years mastering the technical skills and you need to know whether we will "click" (pun intended).

This is a 3 minute video, "Decoy", that you might find interesting. Six professionals photographed the same man, but each was told a different story about who he was. The final images are strikingly different and the message is that a photograph is shaped as much by the person behind the camera as by who is in front of it.

If you've read this far, you are probably somewhat interested in our services. You might as well give me a call at 303-979-2269 and let's discover how we could work together to make these portraits special for you.